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Xik is a Mexican band comprised of seven musicians who come from different corners
of Mexico. The roots and influences ... XIK. Xik is a Mexican ... - 22k

XIK Live - A review

... XIK Live - A review. Another night with the amazing Mexican Folk/Fusion group Xik. ...
XIK finds its roots in Mexican folk music, but they go beyond that. ... - 17k

XIK- Their latest news.

... XIK- Their latest news. Exciting times for XIK. ... Xik are working hard and have
been really active lately with many appearances in press. ... - 15k

Xik- Interview with El Informador

... Xik- Interview with El Informador. The Mexican Fusion is ready to take off! ... Xik
in interview with an important local newspaper 'El informador'. ... - 15k

XIK- Video Review from Inyectando Cultura.

... XIK- Video Review from Inyectando Cultura. Great Show in Santa Tere- GDL. ...
Enjoy the XIK experience and support this amazing band! ... - 14k

Xik - EP Release Concert

... Xik - EP Release Concert. A fusion of Mexican folk and the contemporary times. ...
XIK presented their first EP, which is self titled, last year! ... - 15k

Xik-New Album Out!

... Xik-New Album Out! Xik's unique Mexican Fusion is now on CD! By: J. Arriaga |
Thursday, 20th March 2014. Xik- The New Mexican Fusion. ... - 15k

Sounds of the World - Blogs

... Read More… XIK- Their latest news. By: J. Arriaga | Tuesday, 28th January
2014. ... Read More… XIK- Video Review from Inyectando Cultura. ... - 48k

Sounds of the World - News

... Galgo has a ... Read More… Xik - EP Release Concert. XIK presented their first EP,
which is self titled, last year! ... The ... Read More… XIK Live - A review. ... - 47k

SOTW Compilation Album Released!

... Galgo - “Room” Cian - “Saudade” Telefunka - "Estereoluz" Leiden - "Cuando Soñaba"
Colorado Félix - “Subiendo la Montaña” Xik - “Frida" Golden ... - 17k

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Antinatural - Gabo Di Romo

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