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Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras

... Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras. Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith perform the hammond
organ at its best! ... Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras. ... - 15k

Kingsmith & Willy Zavala Show!

Omar Ramirez presented his new album, Brincos Dieras, with the help of Willy Zavala.
Menu. ... The reason? An amazing appearance of Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith. ... - 15k

Kingsmith Organ Trio

... Kingsmith Organ Trio. Kingsmith Organ Trio is a music project created by
Omar Ramirez, from Guadalajara. He founded the band in 2010 ... - 20k

Sounds of the World - Blogs

... The reason? An amazing appearance of Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith. This time with
a ... Read More… Radar FIM - Amazing event in Guadalajara, MX. ... - 48k

Lets rock with Kingsmith Organ Trio!

... The amazing line up consisting of Omar Ramirez in Hammond, Trino Gonzalez in drums,
Erik Kasten in guitars and Juan Ayala in bass offered a great show! ... - 14k

Mastery with Kingsmith Organ Trio

... solo by Erik Kasten, outstanding bass lines and solos by Juan Ayala, vibrating rhythms
with odd timing by Trino Gonzalez and the mastery of Omar Ramirez in the ... - 15k

Kingsmith- Full dates for this week!

... Morelia and Mexico City included! By: Jonatan Arriaga | Thursday, 24th October 2013.
Kingsmith Organ trio, led by Omar Ramirez, have a really busy week ahead! ... - 15k

The first two Mexican participating bands

... Kingsmith Organ Trio, led by hammond master player, composer and producer
Omar Ramirez. The exciting mix of blues and jazz make ... - 14k

Sounds of the World - News

... Read More… Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras. Omar Ramirez is one of
the most talented and experienced organ players in Mexico! ... - 47k

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Antinatural - Gabo Di Romo

Gabo Di Romo is an amazing Mexican songwriter that has tried different styles and topics in his songs throughout his career. His most recent works talk about the skies, the stars, ...

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