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... There is no doubt that Guadalajara has got an increasing music scene. ... Read
More… Music from Guadalajara - The Mariachi Tradition. ... - 48k

Music from Guadalajara - The Mariachi Tradition.

... Music from Guadalajara - The Mariachi Tradition. The tradititon of Mariachi
Music is alive and well in Guadalajara. By: Jonatan Arriaga ... - 16k

Arte y Causa - A great cause for a great artist.

... Arte y Causa - A great cause for a great artist. Guadalajara music scene unites
to support Rita Vega. By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 29th October 2014. ... - 15k

Radar FIM - Amazing event in Guadalajara, MX.

... So 4th and 5th of October would be, without a doubt, a must to everyone
involved in the exciting world of music in Guadalajara! ... - 14k

San Juan Project

... The San Juan Project Quartet originated back in 2008 in Guadalajara, Mexico, with
two different ways of perceiving music, and two individual expressions ... - 22k

Jalisco Jazz Festival/Tonica Festival - Charles Mingus Music ...

... Another day of activities around the Jalisco Jazz Festival and another great concert
in the city centre of Guadalajara. The Charles Mingus´ music concert was ... - 16k

Radar FIM - A total success!

... We had the chance to listen to their amazing music but also, we had the ... There are
things happening in Guadalajara, and this event was the starting point of a ... - 18k

Dejam Vu

... We are Dejam Vu, from Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX. ... As a band and as music students,
we are always on a quest to enrich our skills to implement in our music. ... - 22k


... Downs. They have also brought their music to Guadalajara, Mexico City,
Tijuana, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco (CA). In ... - 25k

FESWAY - An Emerging New Band

... An exciting emerging band, which is already making a lasting impression
on the diverse music scene in Guadalajara, is FESWAY. They ... - 15k

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Antinatural - Gabo Di Romo

Gabo Di Romo is an amazing Mexican songwriter that has tried different styles and topics in his songs throughout his career. His most recent works talk about the skies, the stars, ...

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