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Sounds of the World - Blogs

Menu. Sounds of the World. An initiative by Projects Abroad. ... - 48k

Hell in heaven or heaven in hell? - A review

... days. These festivals now have huge experience that good 20 years or so have
given them thanks to the experienced lived in the past. ... - 16k

Jalisco Jazz Festival/Tonica Festival - Rodolfo

... It is for sure that jazz is growing in young people in Mexico and festivals like
the Jalisco Jazz Festival enable them to get the experience from established ... - 16k


... 2004 – 2007
 - Performed and arranged original compositions (jazz fusion) in various
music festivals and stages, and recorded some demos with “El ... - 17k


... They offer an outstanding visual and sonic experience. They have been invited
to all sorts of festivals; from mainstream to alternative. ... - 19k


... among others. They have played in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Colombia,
the US and at various festivals in Mexico. FESWAY ... - 25k

Self Programmed Deaf

... your mind. They have many festivals under their belts and are deeply loved
by the heavy music fans from their home country. SPD ... - 17k


... The band have performed on many stages in festivals and local venues always
aiming for the maximum quality in their performances. ... - 20k

Ben Caesar

... These venues include the Museum of London Docklands, UNESCO in Paris, the South
African National Gallery, two of Cape Town’s biggest festivals including the ... - 21k


... international. He started rapping in 1997 and released his album in December 2013.
He's already played lots of concerts and festivals too. In ... - 18k

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Antinatural - Gabo Di Romo

Gabo Di Romo is an amazing Mexican songwriter that has tried different styles and topics in his songs throughout his career. His most recent works talk about the skies, the stars, ...

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