Xik-New Album Out!

Xik's unique Mexican Fusion is now on CD!

By: J. Arriaga | Thursday, 20th March 2014

Xik- The New Mexican Fusion

It is such great news for all the independent music scene in our beloved Mexico when we hear about the release of great material, new legacy of authentic music to be left to this world, new Mexican sounds combined with contemporary rythms. 

Xik has released their very first CD material, an EP entitled 'XIK'. There is amazing work of songwriting and composition in there, and for sure there is a lot of passion inside of this first delivery from the Mexican band.

A truly unique package gives the release the extra value! What a wonderful and colourful package that contains such a vibrating mix of rhythms and Mexican traditional sounds.

Congratulations to every member in Xik and all the people involved in this amazing project.

Sounds of the World had the chance to be present at the release concert of their EP. And of course, as you can expect, we will show you how the gig went...so stay tuned!   

If you are interested in buying their CD, please contact Xik directly in their facebook page...www.facebook.com/xikoficial or drop us a line on our contact us form. 


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