XIK Live - A review

Another night with the amazing Mexican Folk/Fusion group Xik

By: J. Arriaga | Monday, 21st July 2014

The new wave of folk-fusion in Mexico is growing stronger by the day ,and XIK is an outstanding band, that are the pioneers of this movement, offered a gig in the city centre of Guadalajara accompanied by another amazing band, Lemanik.

XIK finds its roots in Mexican folk music, but they go beyond that. They mix the traditional with the contemporary in each one of their songs offering a new  approach Mexican music. 

The concert was kicked of by local band Lemanik, who are promoting their latest production ´Cual´. Their music is comprised of solid sounds, which, accompanied by their experience on stage made the vibe of the event electric. At some point, members of Xik were invited to go on stage with them. Jimmy Diaz was the first one to collaborate, then Eduardo Salcido and Angel Madrigal joined. The collaborations ended with the amazing vocal work from Ana Sandoval.

Xik then started their leg of the gig with “Son de los Limones”, a song that brought the spirit of Mexican traditions to the venue. This was accompanied by songs like “Frida”, a song that tells the story of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, 'Chile de Amor' and 'Ave de Canto Libre', part of their latest EP were also performed with mastery. A show with a full house that everyone enjoyed, Xik ended the night showing that they are ready to take off and ready to spread the Xik Experience all over the world.

I have had the chance to experience a few of XIK live gigs, and each time I see them they show proudly what they stand for, their musicianship is becoming stronger each time they are on the stage and I cannot see any reason to miss a gig from them.

You can buy their album in digital format via iTunes or physically on their Facebook page via inbox at https://www.facebook.com/xikoficial for sure the packaging of their physical version is a reason to make it part of your collection.

We will be presenting you all the news from this excellent band in Sounds of the World.  Meanwhile get to know them in their interview with us at http://www.sounds-of-the-world.com/band/xik/

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