Xik - EP Release Concert

A fusion of Mexican folk and the contemporary times.

By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 14th January 2015

XIK presented their first EP, which is self titled, last year! Here is the summary of what happened the night of their EP release:

This amazing band incorporates elements from Mexico fusion, the traditional mexican sounds, with those of the contemporary music! 

Songs like Son de los Limones, Frida, Cantina de Canciones, Chile De Amor and La Maquinita del Tun Tun were sung, inspiring the crowd to dance and sing with their unique groove. The great energy that each member of the band reflects on stage, and the great music they produce, made of this night one to remember. 

Sounds of the World was there and we are happy to present to you a video compilation of that night! 

If you like this new fusion and want to get Xik´s music, their EP is available here via iTunes

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