Wishing Sahil Sarin a very Happy Birthday.

By: Ashish John | Wednesday, 21st May 2014

Sounds of The World wishes a very happy birthday to the young talented drummer from India, Sahil Sarin. He is the part of a very famous and talented band from Delhi, The Local Train.

When asked about the musical journey, Sahil Sarin has an inspiring story to tell. He was just 5 years old when his father took him for a live show. It was then that Sahil Sarin wanted to become a drummer. Raised in an artistic family, Sahil Sarin started practising drums as a very tender age.

Sahil Says, “I draw inspiration from everything around me and more so from my own experiences- both good and bad. Not that other people don't inspire me, I really look forward to and grab every opportunity that I can get to be inspired.

Sahil says that his life experience inspires him the most. He believes that we learn from our mistakes and every day has something new to offer – something to learn, understand and to get inspired from. When talking about his journey with The Local Train, Sahil Sarin says, “It has been fantastic and fun to be the part of such talented band – The Local Train. However, in India people do not take music as profession therefore making it little difficult to actually work full time with the band. People do not realise that composing music can be a profession. Nevertheless, we will continue composing new music as a treat for your ears”.

Inspired by Jazz and rock, The Local Train band make their own songs. These songs are mostly inspired by the world around them. The band sings about love, politics, society and life in general. The local Train is a name which is contemporary and Desi (pure Indian or attached to roots) at the same time.  They connect with people through their diversified music. The band does not restrict them to just one genre. They recognise that being Indians they can best express themselves in their mother tongue, Hindi.

Their popularity can be measured by the fact that The Local Train remains busy all the time with live shows and gigs at different states in India. Their most recent shows were in Shimla. Moreover, their tracks on youtube like Chhoo lo, Manzil, Ye Zindagi and Kaise Jiyun have many hits.

To read more about the band and to watch their exclusive interview with us, please check their profile on our website - http://www.sounds-of-the-world.com/band/the-local-train-ae0b1/

We would like to wish Sahil Sarin a very happy birthday. God bless you!

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