The First Listen with the Golden!

Golden Ganga presented the album firstly to their fans and media!

By: J. Arriaga | Friday, 4th April 2014

A band that have seen the results of commitment, passion and hard work find their career at a taking-off stage. The Golden Ganga Band from Zapopan, Mexico has worked hard over the years and now there is no doubt that they hold the title as one of the best emerging bands in Mexico and Latin America. They are now just about to release a new album entitled "Energia Libre". 

The First Listen event was important for the band and their fans. It was planned carefully. The contest arranged for the fans was a success and they won the chance to listen to the album for first time along with members of the band and the media. Fans were queuing to see their favourite band from the early hours of the morning. 

There was a great talk between the songs, with Adan Nunez, singer and songwriter for the Golden Ganga, talking about the process and the ideas behind each song. Adan mentions "All of my songs are well documented when I talk about deep and very specific stuff, I dont 'just write' for the sake of doing it". He explains that this new album is "a girl", because it is full of love songs.

Adan spoke about the idea of the "Awakening Consciousness" from varied points of view; from the political to cultural.These are the key messages they would like to transmit with their music.

The Ganga Band sounds more compact and mature in comparison to their prior offerings, but the band is leaning towards the 'dark side' with the distortions and headbanging rhythms featuredf in a few of their songs. This new cadenced combination brought an amazing flavour to their new work. 

The album sounds solid. Great vocal melodies with the inclusion of rap and hip-hop, that work behind with the harmony, allows for  interesting layers in the songs

Congratulations to The Golden Ganga Band for working so hard and achieving a new range of sounds that works hard and well together. A special thanks to Ulises Sanher for inviting Sounds of the World into this amazing event. 

"Energia Libre" will be out soon, and of course, the album review and information on where it can be bought will be available right here on Sounds of the World!




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