The Domi NDar Festival has just taken place, and it was amazing!

The Domi NDar Festival's first run was a great success

By: Babacar Habib Diaw and Melanie Horstead | Friday, 27th June 2014

Mc Eukhlou

Dix Mille Problemes

Nuul Kuuk

Mister Minster :)

Niagass and Fou Malade


Niagass, the famous rapper from Senegal in collaboration with MC Eukhlou, international football player Pape Waigo and many more came together to create this wonderful festival called Festival Domi Ndar.

The festival aims to support and promote the musicians from Saint Louis. There are so many talented musicians in the region, Domi Ndar, Saint-Louis, that it is a real shame and the cause of much suffering there there is such a dearth of promoters and support.

The Domi Ndar Festival lasted an entire day; starting with a press conference, followed by a very tasty lunch, a friendly football match between the artists involved and, of course a great concert to finish.

Niagass, to our great surprise, came dressed not like he usually does (Tee, hat, baggy jeans) but in a smart suit which is what makes his colleagues call him Mister Minster.

The concert was great fun!

Salute to Domi Ndar for this awesome initiative!


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