The Added Value in Music

it needs to come back!

By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 12th November 2014

Sunday morning, you open your favourite music app on your smartphone; you search, find and play that track you want to hear. You relax listening to it, enjoying what technology can do for you when you want to listen to your music.  

In the last decade, music distribution channels have arisen giving every band the opportunity to be distributed worldwide. Back in the day, it was a dream for independent artists to get their cassettes, vinyl or CDs distributed abroad, now with a few bucks you can go ahead and get distributed in major online and brick-to mortar stores.

The deal sounds just fine. I know. But the truth is that we are losing the added value of music.  We are losing that extra reason that made us queue for days in order to get the new single or album release in the record store. Many emerging bands are happy about the fact that their only task is the recording but out there, people are now asking for a good reason to buy new music from the infinite music shelves that saturate their iTunes app.

Quite recently I found myself with a great couple of surprises. I am talking about Mexican folk-rock band Xik and their first EP. The quality of the packaging makes their material something to add to our collection, Mexican colours with an innovative design gave me more than a reason to buy this gem, this without even talking about the incredible quality of the compositions inside. This EP can be found HERE!

Another amazing surprise was Mexican band Resorte´s last single release. I had the honour to meet Gabriel Bronfman (bass player for Resorte, producer and arranger) and he showed me the new version for their latest single Reconectados. It is a beautiful acrylic box that houses a USB, which contains the single but also, great material like posters, stencil files so you can print a sticker, wallpapers, icons and different mixes of the singe Reconectados. We will of course present to you an in-depth review of this high quality new release which can be found HERE! 

The added value of these couple of releases will offer the fans an great reason to buy an authentic and original piece of music where bands are not only supported but graphic and industrial designers, and everyone involved in the release of a high quality material as well. 

Digital distribution saw the end of the massive monopolies from the big names in the recording sector but gave birth to a new form of monopolization of digital music. The added value in music releases will empower bands to run successful careers in the tough world of music.

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