Sounds of the World visits Dejam Vu

An amazing afternoon with Dejam Vu

By: J. Arriaga | Monday, 27th January 2014

The local scene in Guadalajara is rich, and the interesting fact is that it finds itself in a growing period with great quality and admirable new approaches to music.  

Dejam Vu is clearly not the exception to the rule. They received Sounds of the World at their rehearsal room last Saturday to have an interesting interview with them. We are proud and happy announcing to you that they will be our next Mexican band to join the Sounds of the World family. 

Stay tuned for their interview, their full profile, discover their amazing music and know their future plans. You will be amazed by the great music delivered by Dejam Vu.

Big thanks to the Dejam Vu family for such an amazing afternoon! 

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