Sounds of the World presents Fesway

A marriage between delicacy and strength.

By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 3rd September 2014

Sounds of the World is proud to present one of the most important emerging bands from Guadalajara, Mexico. FESWAY is a young and well experienced band in Mexico with many shows and tours listed in their bio. 

FESWAY: a new facet in which they explore new concepts and sounds; like indierock, indiepop and synthpop—all while fusing these genres to lyrics that evoke the marriage between reality and life. All the different elements create an experience anyone can relate with. FESWAY have reflected their creative needs and life experiences — a subtle balance between delicacy and strength. 

Do not miss on the interview we prepared for you with FESWAY and enjoy their music! 

Visit their official site: and get their latest album "Alas y Garras" 

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