Sounds of the world and One pac first collaboration of the year 2015

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Thursday, 26th February 2015

Volunteers and Fina Senghor posing with One Pac

One Pac, Baye Baye evenementiel and Patrick ( Drummer of the band )

M. Moctar Ba, Projects Abroad Senegal Country Director

One Pac with the Band

Rafa band

Khalil Gueye and Babacar Habib Diaw

One Pac band

Sounds of the World in collaboration with One pac's band hold their first collaboration of the Year 2015. The performance was great and there was huge support from the crowd.

This first collaboration aimed to promote One Pac's first album entitled 'Hip Hop Soul Jazz the Project'. The show took place at Dadje Club, based in Saint Louis, Senegal. Among the guests, we had the Projects Abroad Senegal team with the Country Director M.Moctar Ba, his deputy Fina Senghor, The volunteer coordinators Habib Diaw and Cheikh Mbacke Faye, the volunteers of Projects Abroad, the co-ordinator of the Music and Culture Project M. Sakis Tanor, The LBK, Baye événementiel, The director of the French Institute in Saint-Louis, Saint-Louis Events, One Pac's Fans and the great Khalil Gueye, international musicians and journalists based in the United States.

The collaboration was first was propelled into the stratesphere by LBK, who delivered a wonderful performance which warmed up the crowd. LBK is a group of young musicians based at Guedj Ndar, the second island of Saint-Louis. The body of the show was firmly held in the talented hands of Sakis Tanor. With his deep voice he sang us a couple of his newest songs which will be part of his performances' playlist. The tail of the show did not disapoint when a powerfully gifted girl with a beautiful voice from the Rafa band, joined One Pac while he was performing 'Saturday night’. At some point, it sounded like a featuring between James Bond and Tina Turner.

Huge thanks to all those who joined this event! Many other exciting gigs coming up soon!

One Love!

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