SOTW Compilation Album Released!

In collaboration with Convivencia Permanente, 3 Vinyl and Projects Abroad.

By: J. Arriaga | Monday, 27th April 2015

We are so happy to announce that the compilation album for Sounds of the World Mexico Vol. 1. in collaboration with Convivencia Permanente, 3 Vinyl and Projects Abroad is ready! The album has been launched under SOTW Records and will be distributed in several countries around the world. 

We want to thank enormously to each one of the amazing participating bands and their managers who gave us the honour to host them in this album. This compilation truly reflects the richness, fusions, artistry, musicianship and quality contained in Mexican contemporary music. We are pretty sure their music will reach many more corners of the world throughout the distribution of this album. 

This album is also part of Convivencia Permanente which is a Mexican social campaign that aims to create awareness of the problems faced by neglected social groups. This campaign runs throughout the year. Know more about it HERE! 

Projects Abroad, the leading organiser of volunteer placements around the world contributed greatly to the development of this project. Find more about what they do HERE!

The great track list and the bands: 

Afro Brothers - “Sobre Aviso No Hay Engaño”
Troker - “Príncipe Charro"
CUS - “I Cry For You”
Galgo - “Room”
Cian - “Saudade”
Telefunka - "Estereoluz" 
Leiden - "Cuando Soñaba"
Colorado Félix - “Subiendo la Montaña”
Xik - “Frida"
Golden Ganga - "PNL"
Fesway - "Alas y Garras" 
3 Mother Funkers - “En Ti”  

Especial thanks to every single band and all the people involved in the production of this album; Ulises Sanher, Dr. Peter Slowe and Projects Abroad as well as our SOTW team around the world, Nash Singh, Nicu Kovalenko, Habib Diaw and Ashish John. 

Stay tuned as very soon we will let you know how you can secure yourself a copy of SOTW Vol. 1.   

Keep rockin!  

Jonatan Arriaga 

General Manager
Sounds of the World


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