Pul art bi officially Released his first album Nafoore!

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Pul Art Bi, the son of Fouta, presented his New album Nafoore. There are 19 songs in total with great artists featured and lots of African rhythms. In this album, Pul art Bi is talking about Fouta ( the region where he comes from) , the difficulties in life, problems in Senegal, the drawbacks of social media,  Children's rights... 

The album is 100% produced by TIN TINOY production, a label he newly settled.

The artist is now doing a national tour starting by Saint Louis areas in order to promote his album.

Nafoore will be available very soon on Sounds of the World's Soundcloud for free listening and if you wish to have the product please to get in touch with him at +221 77365 09 36

Within the official sponsors of the album part of the Jacket we have Tin Tinoy production,  Sounds of the World, Projects  Abroad, NdarInfo, Diart Diart Sudio by Guneyi...

Please to visit Pulart bi's pages on the social media for more about him:

  •  https://www.facebook.com/PulArtBi
  • www.reverbnation.com/pulartbi
  • www.sounds-of-the-world.com/band/pulart-bi

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