Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras

Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith perform the hammond organ at its best!

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Wednesday, 25th September 2013

Omar Ramirez & Kingsmith- Brincos Dieras

Omar Ramirez is one of the most talented and experienced organ players in Mexico! His specialty in the hammond organ has made of his project, Kingsmith Organ Trio, one of the best jazz/blues/rock shows not only in Guadalajara, but all around the country and beyond!

Accompanied by the outstanding Erik Kasten in guitars, Trino Gonzalez in drums, Juan Manuel Ayala in bass and other amazing guests musicians, Kingsmith Organ Trio releases their latest full-length album Brincos Dieras.

After a few months of songwriting, production and post production, Omar Ramirez gave us the news on the next release. Kingsmith Organ Trio is all about great music with a great combination of jazz, blues and classic rock, and of course all of this with a lot of feeling included!

We invite you to visit their official store and get their music playing in your favourite device! For sure Kingsmith will please your hearing with their amazing groove!

Please visit the Kingsmith Official Store and support them by buying this great album! Separate tracks also available!

Stay tuned for the upcoming review for Brincos Dieras, in Sounds of the World.

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