Nodes - connecting music careers

Mexicans uniting the music industry.

By: J. Arriaga | Friday, 21st October 2016

It is certainly great to hear that new groups of people with great ideas are gathering to create complex projects that aim for the improvement of any specific topic. 

This is the case of Mexican startup Nodes. A platform that was created by students of ITESM Mexico City campus and that is increasing in size and users. Nodes does precisely what a node is supposed to do; connecting the pieces of a puzzle. Through the platform you will be able to connect with people with the same interests as you but mainly it is designed so that you can connect with many performers of the music industry call it producer, musician or audio engineer.

Nodes has started growing in Mexico and we invite you all to check it out either in Mexico or any other part of the world. At the end of the day we all want to see a healthy music industry serving the ultimate goal of producing more high quality music. 

Congratulations to the Nodes team, keep on the great work! 

You can register to check it out HERE! 

The video linked is in Spanish only but we all hope they can come out with an English version soon! 



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