Love X-Perience-Z EP still available!

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Thursday, 22nd May 2014




Love X'Perience'z' EP still available but in very limited numbers, . So if you wish to have it, contact ASAP K-smile Smile!

K-Smile is a rapper who enriches his sound with some melodies borrowed from Reggae music.

Born in Senegal, a native of St. Louis (Ndar Guedj), K-Smile grew up near the French Cultural centre, which is the reason he got in touch with music at a very young age.

It was just a matter of time to see the "Smile", both sweet and provocative, landing in a very hardcore Hip-Hop movement. Through his music, he invites listeners to open their minds and to look after human values

In 2003, K-Smile premiered on FM radio. He presented radio shows such as "Bomb O 'Clock" and "Summer Time" on air at RTS radio station until 2005, broadcasting Hip Hop.

K-Smile has performed at many venues and festivals such as Festival "LES ARTS DINENT A L'HUILE " (Douarenz 2003), Festival "RAPANDAR" St Louis (2005), St. Louis Jazz Festival off (2005), "MAYLMAA KYLASSAA FESTIVAL" (Helsinki 2005), "Mondinpiazza REGGIO EMILIA" (Italy 2009), "LOCAL MUSIK EN SCENE" + participation "LOCAL MIXTAPE VOL 2" - Quimper 2012), just to name a few!...More details about Kmile at:

#Hotlikefire, #Superartist #fromSen.fra #SoundsoftheWorldTV #SoundsoftheWorldSenegal. K-smile Smile.


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