Los Borders - Superfunk Video Release Party

Let the funk be with you...

By: J. Arriaga | Thursday, 3rd July 2014

Funk is coming strong. Funk will make you move your world in the hands of Mexican funkers Los Borders, a band from Guadalajara city which has recently released their latest official videoclip entitled SuperFunk.

Last week Sounds of the World had the chance to witness the maturity and professionalism of Los Borders as they offered an exclusive event where they performed a great couple of songs. Immediately after, Idar Camarena, guitar for Los Borders, introduced the video to all the audience. 

Los Borders are preparing the release of their next album, and Sounds of the World will be there to bring their amazing music to you. 

Here some pictures of the amazing funky night we had with Los Borders and also, here you can watch SuperFunk, their latest videoclip!

Long life to funk!  


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