Leiden - A great documentary released!

Get to know one of the most important emerging artists in Mexico.

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Tuesday, 12th January 2016

A new year is starting and we are delighted to announce the release of our latest production in Sounds of the World. As part of our series of documentaries that we will be releasing we have the honour to present to you an amazing singer and songwriter from Mexico, Leiden.

Through this documentary, you will get to know Leiden´s story in music in a very personal way. She goes through the various steps in her career and the reasons behind every note and lyric in her music.

I want to thank Armando Martínez and Diego Martínez from Light Monster Productions for the amazing work done in the video and photography direction of this documentary and to Leiden for opening the doors of her home and for sharing with us important moments of her life. 

We all hope you like it! More documentaries to come! 

You can follow Leiden in her Facebook page

Happy new year to everyone following our website and social media sites! 



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