Lalo Balandrano Drum Session by Brown Sugar Records


By: Jonatan Arriaga | Thursday, 6th October 2016

It has been quite a while since the last update we gave all the followers of our website and the reason for that is that we are under construction of a total new phase for Sounds of the World. W are creating more links with great partners, producers, fellow promotion platforms and with the music industry as a whole.  

As an example of our new work agreements we have consolidated a new collaboration with Brown Sugar Records, a new label especialized in jazz and all its subgenres founded by sound engineer and producer Jorge Azpeitia from Mexico. BSR is a label that is finding a great acceptance within the jazz scene and for sure it will be an important one in the years to come. 

Brown Sugar Records has released a new teaser for their drum session series, this time featuring the amazing Eduardo "Lalo" Balandrano, one of the best performers behind the drum kit in Mexico!

SOTW Music brings to you the exclusive teaser and of course we will have for you the entire chapter when it is finished and ready to rock! 

Big thanks to Lalo Balandrano for the great experiece we all had together while putting this production together! 

You can follow Brown Sugar Records HERE

Enjoy the beat! 

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