Jalisco Jazz Festival/Tonica Festival - Rodolfo

Jalisco Jazz Festival pays homage to Rodolfo "Popo" Sanchez

By: J.Arriaga/P.Bartholomew | Tuesday, 15th July 2014

The homage to Roldolfo "Popo" Sanchez by Ernesto Ramos and the Big Band of Mexico was the kick off to the Tonica Festival. It was a well-deserved tribute concert to one of the most important jazz musicians in Latin America.

For those of you who do not know of the virtuoso saxophone player, Popo Sanchez is a Mexican Jazz musician enjoyed by the great Theolonius Monk and Bill Evans. He later directed the pops orchestra at the University of Veracruz for twelve consecutive years.  Of course he returned to Mexico after turning down an offer to direct the orchestra of Moroccan King Hassam II. 

Popo Sanchez has been always proud of his Mexican roots and although he loves traditional jazz, he always wants to add the national Mexican components to his music. This, according to Sanchez, gives the world a different fusion within jazz music. 

This Jalisco Jazz Festival brought out many jazz lovers out from across the state of Jalisco to listen to, learn about and play the fine music of Jazz. There were masterclasses, youth jazz bands, concerts and professional panels where specific topics were discussed. The interesting thing about Jalisco Jazz Festival is the coalition between Tónica and the Government of Jalisco through its Culture division, which will benefit in the spreading of jazz culture among citizens and visitors of this festival.

It is for sure that jazz is growing in young people in Mexico and festivals like the Jalisco Jazz Festival enable them to get the experience from established musicians from all over the globe. It is important to mention that the educational components of this festival is a great add to the jazz party in Guadalajara and young people will be able to spend a week learning from the jazz masters brought by the festival. 

This is only the start of the Tonica Festival full of Jalisco Jazz so stay tuned!

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