Jalisco Jazz Festival/Tonica Festival - Charles Mingus Music Concert

A tribute to a true master of classic american jazz

By: J. Arriaga | Tuesday, 15th July 2014

Another day of activities around the Jalisco Jazz Festival and another great concert in the city centre of Guadalajara. The Charles Mingus´ music concert was simply delightful.  A concert directed by bassist, composer and arranger Boris Koslov and with the participation of trumpet player Alex Sipiagin and the amazing KM Big Band. 

The night started with Sipiagin´s music, compositions that showed the audience the mastery of this amazing trumpet player. The night carried on with Sipiagin´s and Koslov´s music making the audience enjoy every note of their compositions.

Central part of the night arrived; Boris Koslov came to stage to direct Charles Mingus’ compositions. The KM Big Band and Alex Sipiagin were also ready to start performing the tremendous compositions by Mingus with arrangements by Koslov. Songs like Goodbye Pork Pie Hat took all over the place.

It is important to mention the amazing work done by the local KM Big Band, they sound compact, and they communicate effectively throughout the music sheets. Directed by Klaus Mayer, the big band is showing maturity and great musicianship.

Having this sort of concerts in town does not happen every day. The combination of international amazing musicians in combination with local talent, performing the music of one of the most important influences in American jazz was not to be missed, and certainly the attendance was great. 

It seems the seed of jazz has been planted and growing healthy in Guadalajara. I don’t want to finish without praising the great work done by Sara Valenzuela and Gil Cervantes from Tónica Foundation as well as the Department of Culture of Jalisco through Álvaro Abitia.

Long life to jazz! 

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