Jalisco Jazz Festival says goodbye!

See you next year!

By: J.Arriaga | Tuesday, 15th July 2014

The 2014 edition of the Jalisco Jazz Festival comes to an end and there is nothing else to say rather than CONGRATULATIONS for such an amazing work. This edition is something to remember.

We are looking forward to the next edition of this festival, which for sure will have more and more followers and the audience for jazz will be much bigger. It was an excellent opportunity for young people to learn from masters and to start getting involved in the amazing world of music. 

As Larry Braggs said in the All Stars Conference - Music might be the only universal thing that is left and we need to keep that secure for our young generations.

Very well done for the organizers at Tonica and the Culture Affairs Department of Jalisco. 

Stay tuned in www.jaliscojazzfestival.com for upcoming news on the next edition of this great jazz party! 

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