Jalisco Jazz Festival - Press Conference.

Jazz is stronger than ever with the Jalisco Jazz Festival

By: J. Arriaga | Monday, 7th July 2014

Jazz is alive and stronger than ever. That is the case of jazz scene in Guadalajara. The amazing work done by organizers Sara Valenzuela and Gilberto Cervantes from Tonica Foundation in collaboration with Álvaro Abitia is strengthening the position of Guadalajara as a jazz promoter city around the world.

As part of the great list of activities, you can find great press conferences and Sounds of the World had the chance to participate in the press conference by Gary Burton, Brian Lynch, Emmet Cohen, Genaro Palacios and Ernesto Ramos. 

The Jalisco Jazz Festival was an amazing conference where we had the chance to ask about the current situation of jazz in the world and also, in Guadalajara and Mexico.

In words of Gary Burton, “Jazz is always evolving, always changing and the future of jazz is in the young musicians that are coming up […] and I am amazed. They are so much better than the young players when I was coming up […]” He also mentions that jazz could´ve been the rock and roll of music in the 1930´s but now jazz is more of an art type of music. 

It was interesting to hear from Brian Lynch that what makes him enjoy this festival even more is the educational focus of it. “…To participate and to share what we have with the musicians here and know that a school of players is pretty much alive and well here”.

An interesting topic was brought to the conversation: music education in both, Mexico and USA and it seems that there is some problems in the education system currently not only in Mexico but in USA as well.  Genaro Palacios agrees with the fact that, in Mexico, music education is lacking and but also states the importance of festivals like Tonica - “We are fighting for the promotion of jazz and blues, and what Tonica is doing right now is a great example of it”.

Ernesto Palacios also added ¨I was shocked when I found out that there are no art related classes in universities in Mexico, not only talking about music but any art class. With my work I try to spread the message and help a little bit”. He also mentioned that when there is a good education system, music is understood faster and if it can be improved, culture level in general will be positively affected.

Gary Burton added “Music education in the US is Ok, it was used to be a lot better. When I was a child, every school had music in their teaching, but now is only about the 60 percent” Brian Lynch also commented on the topic saying “There is a problem and that is of growing inequality in terms of opportunities and resources available” emphasizing that he fears that children are denied to have that tremendous amount of enrichment which is music due to the lack of resources. He ended saying ¨I am a believer in how music can transform a society and it is crucial to try to keep this very strong”

Great points of view, great conference and great work done by Tonica and the Culture Department of Jalisco.

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