Hell in heaven or heaven in hell? - A review

Hell and Heaven Metal Fest 2013- Mexico.

By: Jonatan Arriaga | Monday, 20th May 2013

Horns up metal heads!- In Hell & Heaven 2013

The day arrived, many things to finish, many metal bands to receive, many metal fans to satisfy!  It was the weekend of the biggest metal show in Mexico, and I have to say, it has blown me away. 

The culture of the festival in Mexico is still a new born; it is on a trial period and I can easily tell it is showing adjustments and improvements throughout the way just like any huge and important European festival like Rock Am Ring or the legendary Wacken Open Air experienced in their early days. These festivals now have huge experience that good 20 years or so have given them thanks to the experienced lived in the past. 

I remember the first attempts of the concept of a show with many bands with unsuccessful results in Mexico. The story of the Hell and Heaven Festival is far way too distant from those non promissory festivals. It is true that there are many things to improve (there are always things to improve) but many have been improved dramatically. 

The sound system in Hell stage was much better than the last 'main-stage' sound system. It sounded incredible powerful and clear! 

The line up, one of the best line ups I have ever seen in a metal festival. Legendary bands during the two days like Motorhead, Anthrax, In Flames, Exodus, Testament, Morbid Angel, Sodom, Suicidal Tendencies, Moonspell, Dokken and many great local bands like Profanator, Draksen, Transmetal, Human Eve, etc, made of this event one of the best in line ups.  

The location had pros and cons but generally the space was the right one to hold this encounter with the powerful and forceful riffs of metal. 

This is the time when we have to support and reinforce the culture of the festival in Mexico. This is not only a festival that someone else constructs and builds, this is something we all, metal heads, will be constructing and consolidating year by year, mistake by mistake, improvement by improvement, hand by hand. Congratulations to Mr. Juan Carlos Guerrero and co. for the arrangements for this huge event and wishing you the best for the up and coming Hell and Heaven 2014! 

What I saw this weekend was the refinement and improvement of what will be the greatest metal festival in the whole of Latin America, proudly held in Guadalajara!

Cheers metal heads! Stay metal! 

Jonatan Arriaga
Sounds of the World
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