HELL & HEAVEN METAL FEST 2014 - A sad history of discrimination.

An event that will be stronger than before

By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 12th March 2014

In times when it is priority to look after the right to express our thoughts in a respectful way, in times when we thought we had opened the doors to inclusion and acceptance, in times when we thought that the fight against discrimination was showing big progress, suddenly shameful happenings appear. Happenings that mutilate every one of the elements of human dignity, respect and tolerance. 

The situation that the most important extreme music festival in Latin America is living is a total shame;  the rights of those who are devoted to all veins of metal, rock, hard rock or any other alternative music taste are being invaded. The Hell & Heaven Metal Festival has been victim of mysterious deeds from a ‘we don’t know who’ and for a reason that we ‘certainly don’t know’. Originally to be held at Feria de Texcoco, Estado de Mexico, now has to be moved and new venue will be shortly announced. 

Having every document in place, fully authorised, and even with the presence of members of the state government- that are currently looking at cancelling the event- the festival has encountered many problems over the last couples of weeks and SUDDENLY the place is not suitable to hold this event anymore and needs to be cancelled.  

With such an amazing international line-up featuring bands like KISS, Twisted Sister, Guns & Roses, Carcass, Angra, Rob Zombie, Testament and many great local bands like Angeles y Demonios, Cemican, Draksen or Agora, the festival is looking to move to a different location which has not yet been confirmed.

We are not here looking for a response, we are here standing against the humiliation and deprivation of the right to belong to any cultural group or subculture we want. We are here to say that this magnificent example of discrimination through stereotyping has reached levels to be greatly ashamed of and that it won’t just be forgotten as many things havebeen forgotten in the past. There are voices that will be heard. The terrain of Mexican metal and hard rock scene will be uniting, stronger than ever, to make the greatest event of metal in Latin America a stronger event where people emerge into one religion and brotherhood called metal. 

The invitation to analyse the problem is not only for those who are attending or are just not going, but to all those who have a destinctive love for the metal genre. It is for everyone around in Mexico and in this world. Discrimination of any kind no longer acceptable in this day and age, the right for expression is for everyone and nothing can go against that only little thing, we will take that right to our graves after standing strong for something while alive…our dignity. 

The invitation to general community to do more 'research' on the metalhead community; to avoid confusion; metalheads do not destroy and burn down any stuff in their path. Give yourself the opportunity to approach the metalhead culture, and you might find friends and brothers forever.   

The best for the organisers of the event, we all unite to make of Hell & Heaven Fest the stronger thing ever in the history of Mexican metal scene and beyond. 

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