Galgo- Live at Foro Independencia

Another great night with Galgo in a new venue.

By: J. Arriaga | Tuesday, 30th September 2014

The local music scene in Guadalajara keeps moving and the number of people that are getting together to create a better scene is also growing. We had the chance to witness the very first opening of a new venue in the city entitled Foro Independencia, right in the centre of mariachi land. This new venue offers a great space with great sound equipment, a large stage and backstage facilities, along with a large space for audiences of up to 600 people.

Sounds of the World was there and witnessed the amazing performance done by Galgo. When watching them live you can predict a great future for these diehards in the music industry. Galgo have managed to find their own sound created by the amazingly performed instruments, the vast variety of music influences they have and the super powerful voices of Adriana and Ivan.

Galgo are currently writing new songs and of course a new release will see the light of the day soon and we are pretty sure it will be amazing! Their latest album Donde Lucia was a success and we can´t wait to hear the new songs from Galgo.

Well done to Galgo and Foro Independencia! Here we leave you with a little footage from last Saturday´s performance! 

GALGO- Room – Live at Foro Independencia can be seen in the video link below! Do not miss out on it! 

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