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By: J. Arriaga | Friday, 8th August 2014

Music scene in Guadalajara is definitely growing and solid bands are making their way up to establish themselves as high quality bands that represent the Tapatio scene strongly in Mexico and abroad.

Galgo is definitely one of the bands that are showing that it is a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. Their consistency and hard work can be heard and seen in every performance. Their work is shown through the band´s tour dates; more and more venues all over the country are opening the doors to their music.

On the 6th of August we had the chance to witness their performance at an event entitled “El Gran Pachangón” (The big party”) at Unplugged Whiskey Bar in Central Guadalajara sharing the stage with Little Jesus 

As soon as the band opened the show with “No” the audience gathered to hear more from Galgo. The amazing vocal work from Adriana, Ivan and Diego was a proof of their hard work in rehearsals, the bass lines and drums sound compact and really strong and the guitars were just amazingly performed alongside the atmospheres from the keys. Audience was enjoying every song and danced to Galgo´s music throughout their performance.

Great show by Galgo. It was clear to me that they are definitely strong and one of those bands you want to have in a major festival. They are promoting their album “Donde Lucía” where you can find great songs like “No” or “Room”.  If you see their name in an event close to you, do not hesitate and get your ticket, you wont regret it.

If you want to hear and buy their music please click HERE

Very soon you will be able to watch the interview we had with Galgo for Sounds of the World. 

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