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The band is stronger than ever!

By: J.Arriaga | Friday, 16th January 2015

Galgo means hunger for great music. Hunger for giving away something labeled as “amazing”, “outstanding” or “incredible”. Galgo has a irridecent respect for their fans. They are always finding ways to improve and are constantly learning from previous trips in the motorways of this music planet. From their very first live recorded EP “Afraid to Make You Dance” they have shown great commitment towards quality in their work.

As a result of their hard work and their hunger for offering their fans with fresh new music, they are launching a totally redesigned website...and let me tell you, it combines flawless navigation and great design that was extremely user friendly.

Visit and enjoy great music and read the news around this amazing band from Guadalajara, MX. Visit the discography section and choose from their incredible EP or their full-length entitled “Donde Lucia”

Want a taste of their music? Watch the video for Stars that we have included, taken from “Afraid to make you dance” 

There is unbelievable quality in music in Guadalajara, and Galgo is one of the strongest examples of it.

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