Gabo Di Romo - First Press Release

The songwriter enters the studio

By: Kaitlin Ronan | Tuesday, 6th May 2014


Amazing first EP coming out soon.

To be born in winter is the sign of cosmic power that he felt when he was called by the need to find a state of sublimeness and the wonder of feelings blessed by the sounds of eternity. 

He has collaborated in a wide range of music projects that made him grow as a musician and has strengthened his desire to keep making music. 

Singer-songwriter of romantic poetry and metaphor with a touch of darkness and passion inspired by the emotions from human nature. Tenor singer and guitarist at Nox Aeternus and composer at Lunae Albums "Flor Negra" (2010), "Una voz en el silencio" (2012) "De Almas y Poemas" (2013), Gabo Di Romo has entered the studio to record what will be his first official EP, totally produced by Sounds of the World through the work of Jonatan Arriaga and Idar Camarena.

Recorded at Idar Digital Studio and distributed by Sounds of the World Records, this EP is planned for release in July 2014. The release will be followed by a national tour for promotion and dates will be announced soon. 

Stay tuned for Gabo’s latest news in Sounds of the World.

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