FESWAY - An Emerging New Band

Performing tonight with Radaid

By: Kaitlin Ronan | Thursday, 22nd May 2014

An exciting emerging band, which is already making a lasting impression on the diverse music scene in Guadalajara, is FESWAY.  They have a well-known music career with Radaid, an amazing world music band from the same Mexican City. 

This young band has a fresh approach to the genres of indie rock and pop with their unique use of contemporary instruments and sounds. Their experimental take on modern music is something you will not have not heard before and this trio is sure to enchant you.

Sounds of the World was fortunate enough to attend their recent gig at Unplugged Bar in Guadalajara, Mexico, where FESWAY captivated us all with their music. Popular songs such as  “It's Alright To Be Here” and “Growing Old” were performed and it was a very enjoyable night full of talent.

Tonight in Guadalajara at Teatro Diana, FESWAY will be performing with acclaimed fusion band Radaid, who are celebrating 15 years of their music career. This is a show not to be missed!

FESWAY has a very promising future ahead of them and Sounds of the World looks forward to watching their remarkable sound continue to evolve.

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