Fesway - Alas y Garras

and new videoclip BLU.

By: J.Arriaga | Wednesday, 21st January 2015

Fesway is a Mexican band that travels around the territories of pop, rock and experimental music with no fear. The solid sound they present in their first full-length album has received no0thing but praise, especially if you love experimental genres.

“Alas y Garras” presents an interesting and fresh sound with atmospheric synths, powerful electronic drumming, distorted guitars and great vocal melodies by Sofia Orozco. “Alas y Garras” shows a great balance between the synthetized and the organic instruments throughout the featured tracks. The album travels around textures and moods, tonalities and intensities.

According to Fesway's lead singer Sofia Orozco, “Alas y Garras is an album full of contrasts […] what we try to say in this album is that we need to know our dark side so we can discover our light”. And the album really reflects that, the Yin and Yang of life.

This album features “Blu”, the single, and the reason for a great video clip that was recently released by the band. Under the direction of Sofía Carillo, “Blu” is a true delight to watch and, of course, to listen to.

Please visit www.fesway.com where you can find their music, news and much more!

Don't miss out on the interview we had with Fesway HERE! 

Here we present to you the official video clip for “Blu”


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