Felix and The Wolf

Cape Town Underground Music Festival

By: Shane Waxler | Friday, 10th October 2014

Once again we were stunned by the venue selection for the Cape Town Underground Music Festival as the slightly vintage bar, dim lights, along with comfy couches lining the modest pattern filled walls that left room for a spacious dance floor to chill to the music, made for the perfect atmosphere for a night of grooving rock.

One of the featured bands, Felix and The Wolf, blew us away with their performance. Collaborating with Subliminal Kriminal, the band comprised of drummer “Al’” bass guitarist/Producer Tom Wolf, and lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Nur Felix, produced a unique and gripping sound, with each part working together in complete harmony. Having had the privilege of talking briefly with Felix prior to his performance he warned me that his vocal chords had been rather weak recently. I heard no signs of this as they opened their set and a rush of sound filled with emotion and soul smacked me right in the chest. This was topped off with a mane of hair on Felix’s had that was captivating, to say the least.  

Felix and The Wolf is very intent on sharing certain messages with anyone and everyone willing to listen such as uniting the world, and finding common interests in order to build a community from diverse demographics. This is no easy task, but the band manages to convey these meaningful messages through happy and light music in an exceptional fusion of ska, indie rock, and soul styles.

Needless to say, having the pleasure of giving the group an interview after their set, we saw the playful and cheery sounds of their music shine through their personalities in the most genuine sense. For a group comprised of four members who have only collaborated the past four months, the bond between them was thrilling and inspiring. The way they were able to compliment each other’s ideas and desires made it evident to me how the band could have such a tight sound, and made me realize these gents were meant to perform, grow, and succeed as one group.

It was nothing short of a gratification and honor being able to hear Felix and The Wolf perform live and have the opportunity to chat with them for a bit. This is a group that is so much more than just a tremendously talented group of fellas. They are humble, happy, personable, unique, genuine people. I have no doubt you will yearn to be a part of the experience that is Felix and The Wolf, not just to get the contact of Felix’s hairstylist, but to delight yourself with every single shred of pure breathtaking joy this band has to offer.

We’d like to give a huge thanks once again to the Cape Town Underground Music Festival for this great opportunity they have given us and working so well with us. We look forward to seeing you all tonight at the Dragon Room at 84 Harrington St for a night filled with some jamming reggae.

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