Dejam Vu - Sharing their early days!

Dejam Vu share their beginnings with Souds of the World

By: J.Arriaga | Saturday, 4th October 2014

The music business is a tough one to get into and more skills are required from those who aspire to occupy a place in the always-changing entertainment world so it is always great to get to know bands that are working hard to get there. Guadalajara´s based rock band Dejam Vu is one of them.

Dejam Vú is one of those bands that you listen to and immediately you can tell these guys have a brilliant future ahead as a band. Having been formed a couple of years ago to enter a competition at their music institution; they found a perfect chemistry between them and from there, the story began.

Dejam Vú are currently working on their first official release, no tittle to announce just yet, but we are sure it will be a great piece for any music lover´s collection.

More news on this future release very soon in Sounds of the World

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