Dejam Vu - Gig Review

New songs released

By: Kaitlin Ronan | Monday, 19th May 2014

There is no doubt that the music scene in Guadalajara has a lot to offer and it is very interesting to experience how different genres are combining to create such a vibrant mixture. This is the case of rock band Dejam Vu.

The music created by this band is a trip through the contemporary styles of music such as jazz, blues and classic rock. Sounds of the World had the opportunity to attend their latest show at Bostons Bar where they presented new songs and allowed us to enjoy a night of great music. We were privileged to hear amazing songs like Clemencia or No Muerdo and although some technical problems were present, the band was able to overcome the difficulties and offer a great show.

Dejam Vu is a young band that are on their way to consolidating their already amazing sound. Be sure that their energy, songs and talent will blow your mind away.

Dejam Vu have entered the studio and we will have the news in Sounds of the World.


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