C.U.S. - New Video Clip


By: J. Arriaga | Saturday, 10th January 2015

C.U.S is a new band that finds its reason to be born when the right elements are inside the same room at the right time.

C.U.S makes music straight from their hearts doing what each one of the members can do best...creating amazing music. C.U.S. is comprised of a group of really talented and passionate musicians: Corie McCulloch from the UK, and Ulises Sanher and Sombras Ramirez from Mexico. C.U.S. has recently released their latest videoclip for their song 'Faith'

Prepare your ears to hear this amazing new track and be ready to be transported to a different territory within the realms of music! 

No more words...here we go...Faith! Wait for much more news on this exciting sound experience! 

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