Compilation CD Production starts today!

An invitation for Mexican bands- Send us your song!

By: J.Arriaga | Saturday, 20th September 2014

The process of production for the very first Sounds of the World Compilation Album has officially started today. A work done together with 3Vinyl Management, Projects Abroad, Convivencia Permanente and Sounds of the World. 

This first edition will contain the best of the music done in Mexico by great bands from tequila land! Bands can send their material to and a group of judges will select the bands to participate in this first edition. 

The album will count with international promotional distribution in more than 6 countries in 4 continents and is part of the mexican campaign Convivencia Permanente that looks after the rights of relegated social groups. 

The first process is going to take place from today September 20th to October the 15th of 2014. 

The very first edition is open only for Mexican musicians and bands, but we are pretty sure further editions will be done in many other countries, so stay tuned! 

In touch soon as I am sure we will be in the studio listening to loads of amazing material.

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