Collaboration Inbound?

Marco Mills & G Star studio sessions run deep

By: Nash Singh | Thursday, 22nd May 2014

It looks like there is another few hits to be hitting the local music scene as Marco Mills and G Star (Rap Artist and Music Producer) have been meeting for recording sessions.

Rap Artist and Events King, Marco Mills has been mentioning for the past few months that he is in progress of releasing a few new tracks. Recently he made it slip by that he would be working with Rap Artist and Music Producer, G Star in creating some fresh new beats and exciting music.

They are working on some new genres of music running from deep house summer beats to acoustic ballads that warm the heart. They are also collaborating with many Vocalists to add a new atmosphere to their sound.

We haven’t yet received any news as to the names of these songs or who the other collaborating artists are but we definitely shall keep you informed.

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