CIAN - Tour Dates Announced

US dates released

By: Kaitlin Ronan | Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Incredibly talented live looping band Cian has confirmed their official tour dates for the US in late 2014.


Thu 9 October @ NW Loopfest @ Seattle, WA

Sat 11 October @ NW Loopfest @ Portland, OR

Sun 12 October @ Lincoln City, OR

15-20 October @ Y2K International Live Looping Festival @ Santa Cruz, San José and San Francisco, CA

Thu 23 October @ SoCal Loopfest @ Long Beach, CA

Sat 8 November @ San Antonio Loopfest @ San Antonio, TX

Sun 9 November @ Austin Loopfest @ Austin, TX


Do not miss out on the unique experience of live looping with Guadalajara-based band Cian!

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