CIAN- The updated tour dates

Mexico and US dates

By: J.Arriaga | Tuesday, 25th February 2014

And Cian has announced their up and coming tour dates, including GDL in Mexico and many cities in the US. Many more dates to come, so stay tuned! 

Thu 27 Feb @ 9:30pm @ Centro Cultural Bretón, A.C., Guadalajara
Fri 28 Feb @ 9:30pm @ Palíndromo, Guadalajara
Fri 21 Mar @ 9:00pm @ Rojo Café, Guadalajara
Thu 27 Mar @ 9:30pm @ Centro Cultural Bretón, A.C., Guadalajara
Thu 9 Oct @ 6:00pm @ The Royal Room, Seattle
Sat 11 Oct @ The Analog Cafe & DRD Records Little Theater, Portland
Sun 12 Oct @ 8:00pm @ Lincoln City Cultural Center, Lincoln City
Wed 15 Oct @ Treasures Roadhouse, Watsonville
Thu 23 Oct @ Dipiazza’s , Long Beach
Sat 8 Nov @ 6:00pm @ TBA, Austin
Sun 9 Nov @ 6:00pm @ Boneshakers, San Antonio

Support this amazing live looping band from Guadalajara, Mexico! See you in their shows! 

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