Cape Town Underground Music Festival

Dubstep Night

By: Shane Waxler | Wednesday, 8th October 2014

Last night as we walked into the eccentric and opulent Dragon Room music club, the feelings of a heavy bass, and intricate syncopated rhythms set the atmosphere for a night of partying dancing, and great music. The hosts greeted us promptly then went on to show us around the club. From the VIP bar overlooking the dance floor the sound check DJ was already bumping up and down, preparing for the remarkable acts to follow.

Shortly after 9:00 PM Kay Faith came out with a bang. Her killer beats and roller coaster like add libs provided a mind-blowing performance. She had no problem setting the mood for the night, but definitely made for a difficult act to follow.

Half Life, the dubstep dj born and raised in Cape Town had no problem filling that stage that Kay had left for him. Similar to his name, his music was formed through sophisticated combinations of beats half the speed or double the speed relative to each other. It made for quite the unique sound that made it near impossible to not get up and start moving to the music.

The night was then concluded with the underground dubstep dj Grimehouse, who I can assure you, will not be considered underground for much longer. Having had the privilege to interview Grimehouse right before his set we came to learn he is rather shy, and he came off as very humble. That is why he produces his appearance through a simple yet intriguing mask that has led lights flashing around the perimeters of his eyes. But once the music started, one would never guess he was shy. The first beat dropped like an atomic bomb and the whole venue started going crazy. People were moving in all types of ways, but all in perfect harmony to the entirely self-produced set Grimehouse was honoring us with.

It was safe to say we left with barley any soles on our shoes, and in dire need of a shower, along with some of the biggest grins on our faces. Being the first night of the Cape Town Underground Music festival has gotten me so excited for all the nights to come from tonight the 8th of October to Saturday the 11th. If this was any type of trailer for what’s to come, if you were to attend any other night you will be sure to find great people running the event, appropriately selected venues, along with some of the best underground artists you will ever here. 

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