Arte y Causa - A great cause for a great artist.

Guadalajara music scene unites to support Rita Vega.

By: J. Arriaga | Wednesday, 29th October 2014

When you realize that a group of people start getting together to help one other it is really a great sign! And that is happening in Guadalajara, Mexico lately. Musicians and artists have been supporting their local bands and artists through many self-organized events due to the lack of Government support in Jalisco towards the arts, among other reasons. Events are being held for the support of CIAN´s current US tour, and thus began the start up for these true meaningful events.

And it is with pride and happiness to announce that Sounds of the World is sponsor for the event that will be held on the 30th of October. Arte y Causa is an event that aims to get fundings to support local amazing artist Rita Vega due to her current difficulties healthwise. 

Bands offered their acts for free, many people got involved with the arrangements of the concert which will show that Guadalajara´s art forms are stronger not only in quality but in unity. 

The bands:

Zapata Jones

Daniel Lopez Trio

El Jarron de la Abuela


PLUS - Art pieces for auction! 

If you are around Guadalajara, we invite you to attend this amazing event which will help us on our main goal of supporting Rita during this difficult times. 

Art in Guadalajara will be stronger each time and the unity of its people is a living proof for what is coming.

We hope to see you there! With 50 pesos you will be contributing greatly! 

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