22st edition of the international Saint-Louis Jazz Festival!

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Thursday, 5th June 2014

Jazz first became popular here in the 1930s when records produced in Cuba were aired on the radio in St.Louis, Senegal. After WWII, visiting U.S. soldiers popularized jazz bands, and by the 1950s jazz took root, and St. Louis has been enjoying jazz ever since. In St. Louis, traditional music instruments like Koras and African drums are mixed with modern instruments for an incredible sweet jazzy symbiosis. The festival is also an excellent platform for new jazz groups.

The festival started yesterday with an awesome performance by Orchestra ARAGON from Cuba. The crowd's excitement peaked and fans started dancing amazingly.

The artists and groups performing at this year's festival include : Wasis Diop (Senegal – France), Didier Labbe et Jax Ravel ( France – Madagascar), Wolfgang Seligo & Karl Sayer (Austria), Cyrus Chestnut (United States), Onder Focan (Turquie), Moncef Genoud (Switzerland), Hervé Samb (Senegal - France) and Lucky Peterson (United States).

Throughout the festival, expect to be entertained every single night at all the biggest venues on the island, such as the 'Hotel de la Residence' the 'Quai des Arts', the 'French Institute', 'The Tennis Club' and at the 'Place Faidherbe'.

Whatever you do make sure you are here in St.Louis this week to experience the unique, inimitable and amazing atmosphere of the St.Louis Jazz Festival. You won't forget it and you certainly won't regret it! #staytuned

#Happeningnow #Insaintlouis #Senegal #Soundsoftheworld http://www.saintlouisjazz.org

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