Idar Digital Studio

Idar Digital Studio is a recording studio based in the city of Guadalajara, México. Managed by engineer, producer and guitarist Idar Camarena, Idar Digital Studio guarentees to meet all your expectations when it comes to sound quality and tailored-made recordings.

Idar Digital Studio is more than a recording studio. It is a committed concept to the art and offers integrated, efficient and price friendly solutions by working with high fidelity, personal attention and professionalism.

If you need high quality with great service and adaptability to your project, this is the ideal place for you.


Idar Digital Studio offer new strategies in the music industry, always keeping at the front of the pack, we have prepared acoustically sound facilities achieving greater versatility in each of our recording rooms. With comprehensive services and powerful tools we adapt to the market, developing 100% professional products at unbeatable prices.


To get the ideal sound a good performance is not always enough. It is necessary to use signal processors that enrich your sound. We put attention into the acquisition of all our equipment. The majority of our equipment has received awards from audio engineering societies and are recognized worldwide, ensuring a product of the highest quality.



We know that digital processors work hard and high sampling frequencies are required, so we leave all the power of our 14 cores to the exclusive use of plug-ins (UAD DSP-2 QUAD). These plug-ins are based on analog technologies enriching the signal in the same way they did in the tracks of the best selling albums. Besides all of that, the Apollo interface allows us to capture sounds as we use the plug-ins.

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