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Exciting times for XIK

By: J. Arriaga | Tuesday, 28th January 2014

Simply sharing what is going on with a band in a post is not enough, especially when the band has been really active and many things are coming their way.

Xik are working hard and have been really active lately with many appearances in press. Also, the amazing news of the release of their first video clip entitled ‘El Son de los Limones’ has got the attention of the local scene of Guadalajara. 

I want to share a great article written by Ulises Sanher on the essence of Xik and also, the link to the teaser of their upcoming video clip! 

Ulises Sanher article in www.cooltour.com.mx: 


Stay tuned as XIK is preparing many interesting surprises for all of us! Exciting times for our independent scene.  

Enjoy the teaser! 

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