The Synergy Hype!

Synergy Live Music Festival due to hit the Mother City this weekend with a BANG

By: Nash Singh | Thursday, 28th November 2013

This last week has been filled with the excitement for this weekends Synergy Live music Festival! Every person attending has filled their Facebook profiles with their excitement to get wild, get dirty and listen to their favourite bands playing! Others are commenting about how they wish they could have been attending the event!

From the list of 100 known and unknown artist, comedians and entertainers the weekend promises to be filled with good times and good memories!

Many music lovers and fans of the bands have savoured their every bit of energy to sing out loud and dance till they drop!

Jack Parrow and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus will be performing amoungst many other well-known artists!

The Coast a local new found band, will be doing a live performance  of their song Memo and also a new track that will show its debut at the event!  

Besides the hype of the music that shall be booming the event promises many outdoor exciting activities  such as  carnival rides and water sports well not forgetting the many  food stalls and refreshment stalls that will be keeping the high energy vibe running through the crowds!

If you haven’t got your ticket as yet, it’s not too late!

Tickets can be bought from the door or online at



I can't wait to share the experiences and Vibe of the event on the next post!



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