SN CYPHER (SN standing for Senegal) a ''MIC OPEN'' for upgrading, promoting and raising up the Senegalese/African Hip Hop to the highest peaks.

By: Babacar Habib Diaw | Thursday, 27th March 2014

CYPHER is the term used by the U.S. as a synonym for the word FREESTYLE because of its various meanings that match well the diverse meanings of the latter. According to many fans of hip hop and even rappers, Cypher is considered as the 'true Hip hop' from the street, the beats of which were made using mouth, hands and turntables with old LPs ... (cf: PUBLIC ENEMY , KOOL G RAP , EPMD ,KRS ONE, CYPRESS HILL, NWA, 2 PAC, NOTORIOUS BIG ...)

Cypher is an English word which can mean calculation, time, training. Seen as a training, who says training will say calculating. Indeed, the training allows the artist to be able to perform in a specific timing. Also, the circular direction of the needle of a clock reflects the concept '' PASS THE MIC '', with a timing of 30 to 60 seconds and in a friendly atmosphere, with fair play. Each Hip Hopper performs then passes the microphone for a round of Freestyle. They will try to seduce the audience that need to enjoy it. We initiated to transfer this concept (Cypher) to the Senegalese Hip hop scene.

According to a Hip-Hop survey that occurred in the late 90s, Senegal was in the Top 3 at a Global level and the 1st in Africa. Today he came out of the Top 3 and lost the continental 1st place title . This regressive status prompted us to create a project inspired by the BET Cypher, named SN CYPHER (SN standing for Senegal) for upgrading, promoting and raising up the Senegalese/African Hip Hop to the highest peaks.

SN CYPHER is a ''MIC OPEN'' concept, that is to say, a competition open to everyone, all those who believe in their talent and who think they can compete with other artists can join it.

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