Rhythmical slippery slope: IS MODERN MUSIC DUMBING US DOWN?

This blog article from Voices of the World explores modern music and the effect it has on us

By: Jonatan Arriaga/Article Linked by Bogdan Zaharia. | Tuesday, 15th October 2013

An interesting question arises...

What if in fact the dumbing down of music that is occurring right now is a sign that we have said it all? Or is it mere sluggishness?

This interesting topic is amazingly covered by the Bodgan Zaharaia from the amazing journallism team in Voices of the World Romania. 

Check it out at http://www.voices-of-the-world.org/culture-and-arts/is-modern-music-dumbing-us-down/

What do you think? Is modern music dumbing us down? Leave your comments! 

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